What does it mean to be an IB MYP World School?

    At Old Mill High School, IB MYP students participate in a variety of school-based events.  One of our most exciting yearly activities is the annual Multicultural Fair.  This fair allows students in grades 9-12 to showcase their cultural heritage and traditions while learning about the heritage and traditions of the Old Mill Community.

     Multicultural Fair

     All students in grades 9 and 10 at an IB World School are MYP students. In the Middle Years Programme, students engage in authentic inquiry in their classes, learn about global perspectives and international mindedness, and build upon their Approaches to Learning skills that will reinforce the IB Learner Profile attributes.

    The Personal Project

    One of the most important aspects of being an MYP student is the Personal Project. The Personal Project is the culminating project for students in grades 9 and 10, and is a graduation requirement. In the Personal Project, students will choose a topic of their own personal interests that has an impact on their community. Students will research their topic to create a unique product of their choosing, and complete a three-part process journal. The project begins in 9th grade through students' GCC course, and continues into their 10th grade year. The project is completed by the spring of students' sophomore year. See the AACPS Personal Project Website for more information, and email Ms. Meerman (MYP Coordinator - mmeerman@aacps.org) or Ms. Kenny (Personal Project Coordinator - cjkenny@aacps.org) with any questions.

    Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills:







    IB Learner Profile Attributes:






    -Open Minded


    -Risk Takers




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