Extended Essay Resources

  • All stduents in the IB Diploma Programme are required to complete the Extended Essay (EE), a 4,000 word indeoendent research paper, on a topic of their choosing.  Students begin the EE in junior year in their IBAIRCA class.  With the help of a supervisor, students complete the EE in fall of their senior year.  The EE process is manage through the student's ManageBac account and submitted electronically to IB to be scored by an examiner somehwere around the world.  Additional resources are available on ManageBac.  Please contact your IB coordintaor or the EE Supervisor for more information.

    What is the EE?

    IB Guide for the Extended Essay

    Effective Citing and Referencing in the IB

    Academic Honesty in AACPS Magnet Programs