Signature Programs

  • A Signature Program is a 21stcentury workforce-relevant themed program around which curricula, job shadowing, mentoring, co-curricular clubs, college courses and internships are crafted for students.  Each of our 13 comprehensive high schools has an exciting Signature Program open to all students, grades 9-12. Real world connections made through Signature Programs help to prepare high school students for college and career. 

    Community leaders from public and private sectors who work in organizations related to each high school’s Signature, volunteer their time and talents to support and lead all of our Signature Programs.  They drive us to keep our curriculum and activities on the cutting edge, readying our students to understand the workforce they are preparing to enter. Many of these community members also volunteer to sit on our Integrated Community Stakeholder Teams (ICSTs), the governing bodies who steer the creative and collaborative planning and work of each high school’s Signature Program.  Our high school students who choose to enroll in the Signature Program in their school will receive unique coursework, field experiences, guest speakers, activities, and internship opportunities designed to give them the knowledge and skills - including soft skills, to enter college or the workforce prepared for long-term success.



  • For more information on our Signature Programs, please view the Signatures Alive! video: