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     Purple Star Club  

    MacArthur Middle School, Fort Meade, MD




    · Identifying military-connected students who are newly enrolled or soon to be enrolled at the school.

    · Act as the point of contact between the school and military-connected students/families.

    · Connecting and informing military-connected students/families with available school services (resources).

    · Assisting in coordinating school programs for military-connected students.

    · Helping military-connected students/families navigate the transition into and out of school.

    Student Ambassador Program Guided by Purple Star Club:

    6th grade: Daniel Adegbenro , Ayah Abouharia, Abdul Salam Asuni, Daniel Cephas, & Paris Short.

    7th grade: Christopher Champagne, Omma Gutierrez, & Jayla Allard.

    8th grade: Elhaj Haidara, Shambhavi Bohara, Shaniecia Benjamin, Joshua Cunningham, & Cailey Carter.

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    *For military-connected resources: https://www.aacpsdodea.org/copy-of-literacy

    *For counseling services: https://www.aacpsdodea.org/copy-of-cyber

    * Free tutoring via: https://military.tutor.com/home

    * Link for many more resources: https://www.militaryonesource.mil/

    Month of the Military Child is every April
    Military Appreciation Month is every May
    Military Family Appreciation Month is every November
    After-school club ‘Purple Star’ is weekly on Tuesdays
    Ideas are always welcomed and encouraged…



    Questions should be directed to Mr. Pickens @dmpickens@aacps.org