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    Greetings MacArthur Family and Community Partners!

    We here at MacArthur are proud to serve both our military families and non-military community. At MacArthur, we strive to provide the best educational opportunities for our students and we work tirelessly to ensure a supportive learning environment for young minds. 

    I believe that it is important for our students to be connected to school through positive relationships and a strong sense of community.  I also believe that every student can learn and be successful if provided the right support and opportunities.  Our teachers and staff are committed to providing all students with an appropriate and challenging educational experience in a respectful environment that fosters learning and growth.  Parents/Guardians play the most important roles in a student's success and I invite you to collaborate with us in your students' education.  

    As attendance is a crucial part of the success of all students,  it is essential that we maintain the attitude that “Every Day Counts” and for students to be in school and ready to learn each day.  I also encourage you to join us as a volunteer through our PTSA  with the understanding that family and community support are integral to our success.  

    When we take the time to strategically plan, forge positive relationships, celebrate our achievements, and continue to build on our successful foundation, we can foster a learning environment where our entire McArthur community thrives.

    Have a great school year!

    Mr. Eugene Whiting 

    Eugene Whiting