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    Office Hours 

    Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

    School Hours for Students: 

    9:15 am- 3:55 pm

Who we are:

  • Today, we are currently serving around 900 students in grades 6-8. Our students reside both on and off post. We are an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) magnet and we offer the AVID program along with many other options for our young intellectuals. MacArthur Middle School is committed to providing an excellent, rigorous, and inclusive education for all students. Our staff will provide lessons that are meaningful, encourage students to think critically, challenge assumptions, and consider both local and global contexts through culturally responsive teaching.

    As MacArthur moves through the school year, we will work on our school improvement goals: 

    1-  Increase the assigned points earned on the ESSA House MSDE Climate Survey from 3 points to 7 points.

    2- Increase math scores in both state and local assessments. 

    3- Increase language arts scores in both state and local assessments. 

     By meeting these goals, we will develop the whole child; strengthening them physically, intellectually, emotionally, ethically, and culturally.


  •  2022-2023 MacArthur Middle School Uniform Policy 

                       Grade 6 Red                                             

    red polo

    Grade 7  Navy Blue 


     Grade 8  Gray   


    KhakiUniform Black Pants




    MacArthur Community! 


    As we continue to foster a safe and supportive environment, we are requiring students to adhere to the following expectations everyday:  

    Board policy 902.04 states that students cannot wear clothes to school that creates a disruptive environment or cause a health or safety hazard. Headwear is not permitted except for health, safety or religious reasons. No bare feet are permitted. Clothing, jewelry, book bags or other articles of personal appearance must not include depictions of profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or violence; promote alcohol, tobacco or drugs; show underwear; show bare skin between the upper chest and mid-thigh. Flip-flops are also highly discouraged as they present a safety hazard and inhibit play during recess. Please realize the importance of helping to monitor what your child wears to school sponsored events on and off school property.


    All grades: 

    • Khaki colored pants, shorts, or skirts. No Leggings or Sweatpants!
    • Shoes must be closed with toes (no flip flops or slides)
    • Mesh and clear bookbags can only be carried inside the building. 
    • Fanny packs, lunch totes and purses must be stored in lockers unless they are clear.  
    • ALL coats must be stored in lockers. 


    No passes the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class. 

    Students, if you see something, say something (833-MD-B-SAFE)  If your student needs a lock for their locker, have them stop by the main office because we have plenty to give away.

    Big thanks and please support Dr. Bedell’s #BePresent initiative to boost relationships between schools and communities!!  
    Mr. Whiting would like to introduce the MacArthur family to our 3 Concentric Mentors!
    -“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” — Stephen R. Covey  



    Sakura Dobbs

    Image preview  
    • Born and raised in Washington DC 
    • 10 years in education 
    • 5 years as an ABA therapist (Behavior Therapy)
    • Lincoln University of P.A Alumna



    Daron Jenkins

    Image result for mentoring services 

    • Grew up on the eastside of Baltimore City
    • Loves spending time with his family (mainly his son)
    • Basketball super fan
    Saquon Frazier
    Image preview  
    • Born and raised in Queens, NY before relocating to Baltimore, MD. 
    • Graduate of Morgan State University
    • Former elementary school teacher
    • Loves motivating people around him to be great 
    Ms. Dobbs and Mr. Jenkins is located in room 211. They will support a select group of students that were identified by our counselors, Alt 1s, and admin. Mr. Frazier will not be in the building daily like Ms. Dobbs and Mr. Jenkins; however, he will support a group of students who have been identified through various data.
    We are so thankful to have them in our building. Please be sure to introduce yourself as you see them. If you have any questions for them, don't hesitate to ask!