Health Room

  • School Health Services

    300 Hallway Room 312
    Phone: 410-222-0901

    Mission Statement
    Anne Arundel County School Health Services Program exists to preserve, protect and promote the health of school children. To that end, the school health nurse and health assistant’s activities are directed so each student develops his/her potential for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

    The Health Room is staffed by:Ms. Joni Dorsey, RN Mrs. Thomasena Brown, Certified Nursing Assistant The Health Room is located on the 300 hallway in room 312. School Health Service Personnel are available to students during regular school hours. Services provided by School Health Services staff consist of (but are not limited to):

    • First Aid administered per School Health Services First Aid Manual
    • Management of illnesses that occur at school
    • Medication administration – daily and as needed medications may be administered to students providing that the Parent’s Request to Administer Medication form has been properly filled out by the student’s parent or guardian and the student’s Primary Care Provider
    • Collaboration with parents or guardians to aid students with mobility concerns (ex. fractures, crutches, etc.) to meet their mobility needs at school
    • Collaboration with parents or guardians in the management of ongoing health needs of their student in the school setting (ex. post accident or surgery, blood glucose management, PE restrictions or special needs, chronic health concerns, life threatening allergies, etc.)
    • Monitoring of communicable diseases and immunization records
    • Health screening for vision, hearing

    The Health Room has several rules to help ensure that minimal classroom disruption occurs and that student health needs are met in a timely and efficient fashion:

    1. All students need to have a pass prior to coming to the Health Room. This ensures that the classroom teacher is aware that the student will be missing instructional content and that the student’s whereabouts is accounted for during the school day.
    2. All students are expected to be quiet and courteous while in the Health Room.
    3. All other school rules apply to students in the Health Room.
    4. Student concerns will be triaged upon arrival to the Health Room with the goal of returning students to class as quickly as possible to continue with educational activities.
    5. Health Room dismissal: If their condition permits, students who are awaiting their parent or guardian arrival for dismissal from the Health Room may be returned to class until their adult arrives for them.

    Dismissing students from the Health Room:
    Ill or injured students may be dismissed directly from the Health Room to their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian, or a responsible adult whose name is on their emergency card needs to come to the Health Room to ‘sign out’ their student. All persons picking up students need to show picture identification.

    AA County School Health Services (410)-222-6838

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    For the 2018- 19 school year, the following vaccines are required for students entering the seventh grade:

    * All students entering the seventh grade must have on Tdap, this protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis ( whooping cough) and one Meningococcal this protects against meningococcal disease ( a type of meningitis).

    These new vaccinations are in addition to the current school vaccine requirements.

    Students must be vaccinated according to the Maryland Vaccine Requirements for Children in order to be allowed in school. You should work with your child’s health care provider to get his/her vaccination record and to receive vaccinations that are missing. Students who are not complaint with immunization records must be excluded from school on the first day of classes unless parents/guardians provide proof of a medical appointment with a health care provider or local health department for vaccinations with the ensuing 20 calendar days (30 days for military families)

    If you are unable to get a vaccination appointment with your child’s health provider. please call Anne Arundel County Department of Health’s Immunization services @ 410-222-4896

    If you have a question about vaccines that are required for school, please call your child’s health care provider or the school nurse. When you child receives the above vaccinations, please provide a copy of the current vaccination record to the school nurse. If your child has already received the required vaccinations, please provide a copy of your child’s current vaccination record to the school nurse as soon as possible so the records are up to date before the school year.

    Vision and Hearing screening letter were sent home in December. Please return the completed form to the health room.

    Please review the Healthy Habits = Healthy Children flyer.

    Thank you,

    Joni Dorsey RN
    School health services

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