• Parents and students – please find your (or your child’s) homework here.  Student homework is broken down by grade and subject level.  Each week (on Monday) the homework file will be uploaded here.  Remember, it is at the teacher’s discretion to change homework on a day-to-day basis.  If you have any questions please contact your (or your child’s) teacher.


    Download the latest homework file here: 

    Homework 11/11/19 - 11/15/19

    Homework 11/04/19 - 11/08/19

    Homework 10/21/19 - 10/25/19

    Homework 10/07/19 - 10/11/19

    Homework 09/23/19 - 09/27/19 

    Homework 09/16/19 - 09/20/19

    Homework 09/09/19- 09/13/19 




    How to access the math book online at home.
    enVision parent access information

    Homework Hang-ups?

    Attention Parents!


    If your child struggles to do homework at home, needs extra help with homework or projects, all teachers are available for after school help every Tuesday * No appointment needed – just come in!

    Math Homework Help

    Mathematics homework can be tough. Parents can feel even more helpless than their children. Even if you once knew a certain topic, you may have forgotten how to do the problems, or your child might have learned it differently. Relax. You still have options.

    • Children often know more than they think. They were in class.

    Even if they start out confused, talking through the problems can lead to solutions. You can be a sounding board.

    • Ask your child to teach you what she or he learned in class. If your child knows you will expect a lesson at home, your child will pay close attention in class and may do better.

    • Talk to the teacher about her or his expectations—and about your expectations. What is a fair amount and type of homework? Is there a low-stress way to handle it when homework seems too hard?

    • Get help. Use neighbors and friends. Use the Anne Arundel County public library homework hot-line and other resources at www.aacpl.net, give it a try.


    Helpful Websites:

    Anne Arundel County Public Library


    Figure This! Math Challenges for Families


    Purple Math


    The Khan Academy


    General Math resources


    AAA Math




    A-Plus Math


    Resources for Middle School Parents & Students




    www.algebra1.com  (choose Red, Algebra 1 textbook)