AVID Tutors

  • AVID Tutors Wanted!

    Are you a college student? Do you want to help educate children while earning money? Would you like to gain valuable experience, possibly earning credit towards an Education degree?

    Then we want you to be an AVID Tutor !


    What does it mean to be a tutor for AVID students?

    AVID Tutorials occur during the AVID elective class among small groups of 4-6 students each.

    Students ask questions they have brought from their regular classes; and in a collaborative fashion, tutors and other students ask leading or guiding questions to assist the students in finding their own answers. Tutors do not need to know the subject areas; they just need to utilize questioning skills, commit to at least one hour a week, and enjoy working with students.

    View the AACPS AVID Page for more information

    Please contact Chloe Willis cmwilis@aacps.org if you would like to become an AVID tutor!