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  • AVID Proven Achievement Lifelong Advantage

    The AVID Elective class at Corkran is offered as an Encore class. In the AVID elective class students receive support and will learn several success skills such as organization, study and test-taking tips, note taking, time management and collaborative group interaction. AVID students are required to carry a 3-ring binder with sections for ALL of their classes in the binder. This binder must be carried to all classes every day.  Students receive weekly grades for binders and/or Agendas.

    Students will participate in tutorial sessions on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday- depending on which of those days they meet for AVID class. AVID-trained college students come in to assist students during tutorials. Students must bring challenging questions from core classes that they need help to answer. Students work as a group to find answers to these questions and learn how to solve similar problems. Students find answers to their questions and gain the skills needed to answer future questions.

    It is imperative that students come prepared to tutorial sessions with pre-work completed on their Tutorial Request Forms (TRF’s) for their questions.  Students should work to their point of confusion to get the most of their tutorial time.

    AVID students also receive the benefit of hearing guest speakers from various careers, and attending multiple college campus tours throughout the school year. This past school year AVID students went on field trips to Arlington Echo, The University of Maryland, Morgan State University, Anne Arundel Community College and the Baltimore Orioles Youth Education Field Trip Day. Students that participate in the AVID fundraisers receive rewards that include the cost of the field trips.

    Towards the end of the year, AVID students work on research projects that support the college and career ready preparations:

    6th grade- Preparing for High School

    7th grade- Preparing for College

    8th grade- Preparing for Careers


    For more questions about the AVID elective course, please contact your school counselor or AVID Site Coordinator, Chloe Willis,  cmwillis@aacps.org


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