Business, Innovation & Leadership Explorations Course Descriptions

  • Explorations 1B                                  

    Course Description:

    Severna Park High School— Business, Innovation, and Leadership Students work collaboratively to analyze the organizations of businesses, current national and international business policies and trends through case studies, field trips, and guest industry specialists. They will work in teams to solve an innovative project-based businesses challenge and formally present their idea to community stakeholders.

    A new and dynamic course developed as a secondary course for students who wish to participate in SPHS’s Business, Innovation & Leadership Signature Program.  In this course, students will further explore components of business, innovation, and leadership through a project-based approach and deepen their current understanding.  Students will develop a sense of individual responsibility, learn life and career skills, gain personal, academic and career success. This course explores the competencies as well as the workforce connections of our 21st-century globalized community.  Strategies integral to this course include the effective and ethical use of the internet and various forms of media, the ability to discuss and debate relevant topics, the ability to work collaboratively on a variety of projects and assignments, and the ability to communicate outcomes in diverse ways to a variety of audiences.