Business, Innovation & Leadership Explorations Course Descriptions

  • Explorations IA                                  

    Course Description:

    A new and dynamic course developed as an introduction and overview for students who wish to participate in SPHS’s Business, Innovation & Leadership Signature Program. In this course, students will explore components of business, innovation and leadership through a project-based approach.  Students will develop a sense of individual responsibility, learn life and career skills, gain personal, academic and career success. This course explores the competencies as well as the workforce connections of our 21st century globalized community.  Strategies integral to this course include the effective and ethical use of the internet and various forms of media, the ability to discuss and debate relevant topics, the ability to work collaboratively on a variety of projects and assignments, and the ability to communicate outcomes.

    Course Syllabus


  • Jill McKay

    Severna Park High School
    Internship Facilitator


    Featured Signature Program Internships in Business, Innovation, & Leadership

    Anne Arundel Medical Center

    Casey Cares Foundation

    Charter Financial Group

    Chesapeake Bay Foundation           

    County Government/Legislative Services

    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services 

    Historic London Town & Gardens: Horticulture Support Intern

    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Summer Internship Program

    Physical Therapy 

    Severna Park Voice

    The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

    Veterinary Hospital

    Elementary schools

Graduation Pathways

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College and Career

  • Honors Entrepreneurship                   

    Course Description:

    Students will develop a marketing/business plan and apply economic concepts when making decisions for an entrepreneurial venture. They will assess the role entrepreneurship plays in the free enterprise system. In addition, Proficiency Credit with AACC is available.



    Students will have the opportunity to choose whether or not they would like to receive Proficiency Credit for BPA-103 through AACC for their participation in Honors Entrepreneurship at Severna Park High School.  In order to obtain these transcripted credits, students must enroll as a student at AACC and earn a score of A, B, or C on the AACC comprehensive assessment.  Should students receive an A, B, or C on the assessment the same score will appear as their grade for the class on the AACC transcript.  Should a student score lower than a C, the class will not appear on an AACC transcript.

    Course Syllabus


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