Student Testimonials

  • Signature Mock Interviews:

    Steven, 11th Grade: "I was nervous at first, but then once I started talking to my interviewer, I relaxed and felt much more comfortable. It was a great experience!"

    Canisha, 11th Grade: "I was really happy to talk to a professional who could tell me what businesses look for and how I can make myself look better both on my resume and in professional settings."

    Signature Networking Breakfast:

    Daniela, an 11th grade student, said that “the opportunity to network in school and gain some insight into the real world was absolutely great and I really appreciated those who made this event possible.”

    Cyndal, another 11th grader, said that the conversations with the professionals from the Personal/Business Finance pathway station made her “more aware of what I should be doing with my finances once I graduate.”

    Guest Speakers:

    Noah, 9th Grade: "I really liked learning about 3D printing. It was so cool to see the printer actually making a three-dimensional object!"

    Arianna, 10th Grade: "I had no idea that schools were being built with this kind of green technology! I didn't know that there were jobs available in that type of field!"

    Jason, 10th Grade: "Under Armour is really popular around here, but it was cool to learn about how they expand into other cities around the world."


  • Gillian Ratti
    Signature Program Facilitator
    410-969-9010 ext. 277