Broadneck High School Environmental Literacy

  • Broadneck Signature- Environmental Literacy.  World sitting on an open book.  Environmental Literacy is the concept that everything we do affects the environment and the environment affects everything we do.

    In 2010, the Broadneck Community chose Environmental Literacy as our school's Signature Program due to the long-standing history of environmentalism at Broadneck HS and our close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. Signature programs are designed to connect classroom instruction with real-world situations and workforce relevant skills. At Broadneck, we utilize our business partners to support instruction through a variety of activities including curriculum development, mentorship on capstone projects, guest speaking opportunities, and field experiences.



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Broadneck Signature Photo Gallery

  • Signature high school students working with elementary students to plant trees.   Stream Restoration Project trailer with many shovels in front of it.