Arundel HS Community Development & Global Citizenship

  • Arundel HS Signature Community Development & Global Citizenship-world with outline of three people in front of the world.  

    The goal of Arundel Signature Program is to create PASSIONATE and ENGAGED future workers to the 21st Century Global Community.  By working with several of the community's finest "field professionals" we provide students with life changing experiences that will help them explore various career sectors. 

    At Arundel we define Community Development and Global Citizenship as:

    Community Development:

    • Is a way of working with communities and importantly a way of looking at all the careers involved in making a society successful and sustainable.

    Global Citizenship

    • Encourages people to consider their individual impact on the wider community including participation in political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental conditions in which they live.


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    Who makes SIGNATURE possible?

    • The Steering Committee: This is called the Integrated Community Stakeholders Team (ICST) and it’s made up of business people, professors, community members, and politicians who have a connection to our signature theme. The goal is for every sector of the community (health, government, education, business, industry, media/communication and community organizations/nonprofits) are represented.  The Integrated Community Stakeholder Team works closely with the Signature Program Facilitator with the purpose to create, implement, and maintain relevant and meaningful opportunities for students in Signature specialized coursework and co-curricular challenges. 


    • The Signature Facilitator:  The role of this person is to communicate with community members and coordinate events that connect business people and professionals to the school.  


    • The Signature Teacher:  This person is responsible for writing and reviewing curriculum, supporting students and teachers, as well as planning field trips/assemblies/conferences in support of the Signature theme. 


    • Arundel Faculty:  All teachers have been ask to create signature mini-lessons called “overlays”for each course. These lessons do not change the content being taught, instead they allow the skills to be taught through the lens of Community Development and Global Citizenship.  For example, algebraic principles might be taught through a lesson on the changing demography of the county, or the Odyssey might be re-examined through the lens of culture and migration.  Students can engage with the theme and find new relevancy in all courses. 


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