• New to Arundel High School in 2017-18 is a special course for all 9th graders, Community Citizienship!


    Community Citizenship is an introductory signature course designed to explore the values and diversity of our local, national and global communities.  Through Project Based Learning, students will identify and discuss issues, events, and essential questions relevant to the community which will allow them to understand their own role in demonstrating civic virtues. Students will consider the cultural and technological influences that have shaped our modern society, and consider how these impact the students’ social options in the future.  They will surface and reflect on personal values, beliefs, and assumptions, as well as organizational policies and practice, and they will create a culture that serves people to varying degrees.  Students will begin with self –exploration to understand what events, traditions and circumstances have shaped their views, behaviors and goals.  Next, students will explore the cultures, religions and traditions of the people in their community.   Strategies integral to this course include the ability to discuss and debate mature topics and themes respectfully, a level of comfort with a variety of non-print mediums, working in cooperative groups, and participating in multi-disciplinary project based learning.

    Additional Signature Courses:

    • Community Dev. & Global Citizenship Explorations, Community Leadership 
    • Community Citizenship