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  • Change Engineering Logo The Annapolis High School Change Engineering Signature Program brings together students, educators, community, and business leaders to enhance classroom instruction to be workforce relevant, interesting, and challenging for students.

    Globalization and the constant innovation of technology result in a constantly evolving business and personal environment.  To succeed in this environment, we must rapidly adapt, despite our natural resistance to change.  “We’ve always done it that way” is no longer a viable leadership philosophy.  Annapolis High School recognizes that, and in 2012, established its Change Engineering Signature Program to focus on 21st century life skills as a critical component of introducing and managing change in the world.  We recognize that the ability to manage and adapt to change is an essential ability required in the workplace today.

    The Change Engineering Signature Program redefines the classroom and awakens the intellectual curiosity of young leaders by empowering them to transform their world.  We teach them the positive benefits of change and provide them the leadership and a toolkit to methodically identify, analyze, plan, implement, and create change.  Our innovative curriculum infuses the business community’s knowledge and needs into our program by directly involving business and community leaders as speakers and hosts for interactive dialogue with our students.  Our Change Engineering Speaker Series at Annapolis High School allows business and community leaders to engage the Annapolis High School students, faculty, and business partners in thought-provoking dialogue about Change Engineering trends and possibilities in business.

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  • Signature students work in small groups to act as community advocates. Retired Naval Officer speaks to students about college and career pathways supported by the branches of the military.    



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