• Maryland Association of Student Councils

    The Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) is an organization of public and private secondary school student councils in the state of Maryland.  Students are not only the leaders of the future but the leaders of today and defend as well as promote the interests, rights, and well-being of all students in the state of Maryland.

    As an organization, we strive to accomplish three things:

    Leadership Development

    We hold various conferences for students throughout the year around the state where trained student leaders facilitate workshops written by students for students.  We also participate in initiatives and service pertinent to youth.

    Student Advocacy

    We communicate with the Maryland General Assembly as well as various interest groups advocating for student rights. Importantly, we nominate two students, one of whom is appointed by the Governor to serve as a voting member on the State Board of Education, appoint four students to serve on the Maryland Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC), and appoint a voting student member to serve on the Maryland Center for School Safety’s Advisory to the Subcabint (Safe Schools Act of 2018).

    Promote Communication

    Student leaders around the state unite under MASC through similar networks on regional (county/Baltimore City) levels which communicate to individual middle and high schools. Through this structure, we are able to share ideas and gather as a general assembly to take stances on issues.

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