• Principal's Message

    Principal Merlene Clarke


    The Phoenix Academy is both a PBIS and Kids at Hope school. Kids at Hope provides a framework for our student-centered school culture, while PBIS provides us a vehicle for interventions and supports. Our mission and vision (found on our home page) certainly speak to our values, as we strive to seek and utilize any and all available resources and supports to ensure that every student meets with academic success-no exceptions!

    At the Phoenix Academy we not only offer a supportive culture, but a low staff-student ratio and a tremendous student services team as well. Our student services team is composed of professional school counselors, psychologists, social workers, a substance abuse counselor and a psychiatrist. In addition to our in-house supports, we have a community services suite co-located at our school to serve as an additional resource to our students, families and community. Our collaborative community partners include: The Children’s Guild, Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, Seeds 4 Success, Restoration Community Development Corporation, Centro De Ayuda, Mobil Crisis Case Management and DJS. Understanding that not all impediments to academic success are learning related, we offer all supports with the goal of eliminating the barriers that are in the way of a student meeting with success in the classroom.

    Beyond having an extensive network of student supports, I am proud to say that Phoenix is truly an Academy of learning; A school with high expectation and rigorous academic opportunities for students. At the High School level we offer three Career and Technology Education programs, a variety of Honors level courses and the requisite AP course offerings to make an AP Diploma endorsement an option for our students. At the middle and elementary levels, we offer wide range of encore classes and Foreign Language courses and exposure opportunities for all students.

    There are lots of exciting things going on here at the Phoenix Academy, so please check back frequently for updates or stop by and see it all first-hand!