• Afterschool Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities 2018-2019


    24 Club       Ms. Miller

    Meets: 1ST & Last Thursdays of each month in Room 115


    Art Club      Ms. Paper

    Meets: Tuesday in Room 215


    Band           Ms. Ritter

    Meets: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday before school in Room 129


    Boy’s Dance Crew          Ms. Haglund

    Meets: Tuesday in Dance Studio 2


    Dance Company            Ms. Mossburg

    Meets: Tuesday & Thursday (perform in AACPS Dance Festival) in Dance Studio 1


    Chorus        Ms. Rodvien

    Meets: Tuesday in Room 123



    Basketball—Mr. Wolsin

    Meets: Thursday in the gym


    Unified Sports (volleyball, kickball, bowling, etc.)—Ms. Burkhardt

    Meets: every other Tuesday in the gym


    Soccer—Ms. Riedel

    Meets: Thursday in the gym lobby


    Flag Football—Mr. Tuozzo

    Meets: Tuesday in the gym lobby


    MakerSpace         Ms. Matheny

    Meets: Thursday in the Library


    Mamma O’s Kitchen       Ms. Oluwatobi make new friends while learning to cook

    Meets: Tuesday in Room 121


    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Mr. Norris & Ms. Snyder

    Meets: 2nd Tuesday of every month in Room 120



    Boys Basketball—Mr. Skinner

    Meets: every Tuesday in gym


    Student Government Association     Ms. Post

    Meets: Thursday in Room 219



    Meets: Tuesday and Thursday on the tennis court, sponsored by TGA Premiere Tennis, registration fee.


    Yearbook Club     Ms. Allemand

    Meets: Thursdays, Rm 212