Steps to Cultivating Communities of Wellness

  • Build Support

    ​With support of school administration, identify a school wellness coordinator and discuss the role of the wellness team.

    Build Your Team

    ​Identify and recruit potential team members from a variety of stakeholders.  You may include administrators, nurses, physical education teachers, counselors, parents, students, and community members.

    First Meeting

    ​Conduct your first meeting with team members and establish a regular schedule.  As a team review the requirements for a Wellness School. Explore the ten components of the Wellness Toolkit.

    Build a Plan

    ​Evaluate your school's current state of wellness with a survey or an assessment tool, such as the one listed in the resources.  Decide on the focus and designate action steps for the school year. Communicate your wellness initiatives to the school community.

    Review and Improve

    ​Meet frequently to review progress on action steps and document accomplishments. Reflect and improve next steps to further school wellness.


    Take time to recognize accomplishments of wellness by the school, community, and the wellness team.