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  • Greetings to all the Bees in the Hive, young and old!

    If you have not yet recently explored the online resources this school has to offer, you might be surprised at the ever-expanding wealth of entertaining and informative items available. Did you know there is an amazing app called MackinVIA that students and staff members can use to access most of those totally FREE resources?

    To learn more, click here: MackinVia Instructions

    To explore MackinVia and other resources, scroll to the bottom and click the links.

Library Media Staff

Library Media Vision & Mission

  • The Office of Library Media Services envisions school libraries that are the hub of the school and are innovative, vibrant, and flexible spaces, staffed with school librarians who inspire students to become tech savvy and independent life-long readers and learners.

    The mission of the Office of Library Media Services is to develop students who are lifelong readers and effective users of technology and information. We do this by teaching critical thinking, research skills and ensuring access to information resources and literature.  The curriculum is designed to teach library media skills and information literacy at appropriate levels. In collaboration with the teachers, the library media specialist has developed an instructional program based on curriculum and the needs of the student population.

    Over 1.6 million items are checked out each year to students and faculty.



Library Media Resources


    MackinVIA MackinVIA : A collection of assorted electronic books and databases.

Library Media Programs

  • AACPS Online Resources      MackinVIA       NoodleTools         Anne Arundel County Public Library - Educate. Enrich. Inspire.         SAIL