Secretary of Education


    Fletcher Port, Severna Park High School, Rising Senior


    Hey AACPS! 
    Welcome to my Bio! My name is Fletcher Port (he/him/his) and as you can tell I am CRASC Secretary of Education. I am a proud Senior of Severna Park High School where I am also the SGA Historian. Student Government is one of my biggest passions. I love to work for, and with students. I was actually born in Pennsylvania, but moved to this awesome county in the 2nd grade. I attended Folger McKinsey Elementary School.
    I find myself most passionate when it comes to working in my community. I love taking advantages of opportunities to do good and work for the people who time and time again give their parts of the world their everything. I find lots of pride in all the success I have had working with SGA’s from around the county, and doing county wide work I have done, and look to continue that. So, please feel free to reach out to my email using whenever you feel the need to do so. Hope to hear from you!


Fletcher Port - Secretary of Education
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