ECAP Enrollment Requirements

  • Students must be in 11th and 12th grade and have met the CCR standard. Students can take up to two college courses per semester only.

    In AACPS if a 11th and 12th grader with an unweighted cumulative GPA of a 3.0 and does not qualify yet with a CCR designation then they are able to sign up for one college course per semester only.



    • Complete an application to Anne Arundel County Community College. 
    • Complete and print the online AACPS Early College Access Program application at All sections that are completed non-electronically must be filled neatly and accurately and must be signed by the student, guardian, 

    • Next, students obtain the school counselor signature.  School counselor will review the student eligibility and course eligibility. Courses must be credit-bearing, non-credit certificate courses or career program pathway courses that lead to an industry certification or license. 

    • School counselor provides the form to the principal or AP for approval and signature.  Principal returns the form to the school counselor to give to the student.  Principals have 10 business days to return the form to the student. 

    • School counseling will make a copy of the signed form. 

    • provide their own transportation. 

    • attend a new student orientation program to become familiar with AACC policies and procedures.



    1. Complete Anne Arundel Community College Application (Printable Directions)
    2. Complete the Early College Access Program Application and receive principal approval.

      Note: Finalized forms will be returned to students approximately 10-workdays after submission.

      Note: Approval must occur prior to registration or funds will not be provided

    3. Request Official Transcript from AACPS Registrar at their home school.

    4. Request SAT/ACT scores from the College Board or ACT.  Students that need to take the Accuplacer must schedule appointment at the Testing Center.

    5. Submit completed Early College Access Program Application to the AACC Cashiers Office at This form indicates that you can register for classes at AACC without paying tuition, fees and for required instructional materials.

    6. Submit your official transcript, and SAT/ACT/AP results to the AACC Office of Records and Registration at

    7. Contact your admission officer to select courses and register for classes.  

    Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses are eligible for student support services, including students with disabilities.  To apply for these services, students must contact Disability Support Services (DSS) . It is important to note that academic accommodations for college classes differ from those offered in high school classes.