Prior to ECAP Enrollment

  • Designated courses may meet the criteria for both college and high school credit. Prior written consent from the school principal or designee, after advisement with the school counselor, is required. For dual credit courses:

    • Students receiving an AACC grade of ‘A,’ ‘B,’ ‘C,’ or ‘D’ will receive an AACPS grade of ‘S.’
    • An AACC grade of ‘F,’ ‘FX,’ or ‘I’ will receive an AACPS grade of ‘U.’

    On the high school transcript, students are awarded high school credit with the S or U designation. These courses do not calculate towards a student’s AACPS GPA.

    If a student is unsuccessful in a college course, please go to the FAQ page to gain further information regarding next steps.

Receiving AACPS Credit for ECAP Courses

  • Once the course is completed students and families must order an official sealed transcript from the college. Submit this official sealed transcript to the high school registrar who will update the high school transcript. This process needs to be repeated after each semester of enrollment in dual credit courses.