• Early Childhood Intervention (ECSE)

    The Marley Glen Preschool is versatile, effective and extremely successful. We provide services to preschool children ages 3 to 5 years old who have been diagnosed with a variety of disabilities. Children in these classes have moderate to severe delays and need to focus on basic language and cognitive concepts as building blocks for academic success later in life. 

    Students enrolled in our ECSE program will be evaluated and placed at Marley Glen by way of the Infants & Toddlers Program.


    Primary Grades

    The primary department consists of students between the ages of 5 and 10. Classes work on a range of functional skills from reading and math readiness to functional life skills necessary to increase overall independence. We also expose students to a modified VSC to teach academic readiness skills designed to prepare them for the years to come


    Secondary Grades

    The Intermediate Department at Marley Glen ranges in age from 11 to 14. Students continue to focus on functional academics, communication, and daily living as well as beginning to gain more experience in vocational areas. Students travel out into the community on a weekly basis in order to develop vocational skills. The goal of each classroom is to foster independence as well as to provide opportunities for problem solving and appropriate social skills to be experienced. 

    The Senior Department consists of students approximately 15 to 21 years of age. Classes focus on all realms of our students’ education including social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and functional skills.  At the age of 21, students will receive a Maryland Certificate of Completion and transition to appropriate adult services. The vocational coordinator and staff provide information, training and assistance to students in preparation for the transition to adult services.


    Cultural Arts

    Cultural Arts can be the unseen heroes of a child’s education. It is often in these classes that students can excel when they find difficulty in other arenas. Children may find self expression non-verbally through music or art, unlock their imaginations in media, increase mobility and balance in aquatics, or learn how to keep themselves healthy and active in PE. The Cultural Arts department also works with classroom teachers to support goals in fine and gross motor development, speech, reading, behavior an social goals, reading, and math.


    OT, PT, Speech

    Students at Marley Glen may receive Occupational and/or Physical Therapy as related services to their special education programs as well as Speech Therapy. Therapists implement interventions and strategies in the areas of speech, fine and gross motor to support a student’s learning and participation in educational activities, routines, and environments.


    Professional Support

    The Support Staff at Marley Glen provides support to the teaching staff in meeting the IEP goals and objectives for our students. As issues are identified that are impeding the student reaching his or her academic goals, staff involved in providing related services either deliver services directly or provide consultation to the homeroom teacher.





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