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    Severna Park Middle School Parent Teacher Organization

    The objective of the SPMS PTO is to support the school with financial and volunteer support in order to achieve the school’s mission:

    To educate and to challenge all students in a safe, positive environment so that they may become life-long learners and leaders in a digital, global community Visit the PTO page to register for membership and learn about volunteer opportunities


    2018-19 PTO Officers

    Principal:                                Sharon Hansen
    PTO President:                        Scott Ayers
    PTO Vice President:                 Stacy Scally
    PTO Treasurer:                       Rob Blanchfield/Susan Hall
    PTO Secretary:                       Karen Beaulieu
    Communications Coordinator:  Shannon Powell/Nancy Kules
    PTO 6th Grade Parent Rep:
    PTO 7th Grade Parent Rep:
    PT 8th Grade Parent Rep:
    PTO Teacher Representative:   Amy Hughes, Renee Austin, Lori Fowler
    PTO Volunteer Coordinators:    Sandy Lyons & Kristen Tufo
    PTO Membership Coordinators:

    6th Grade Parent Rep: Lauri Miller

    7th Grade Parent Rep: Camila Wolfe

    8th grade Parent Rep: Stephanie Weaver

    CAC:                                      Beth Nolan


    Have a question for the PTO? Send us an email!  spmspto@gmail.com
    Attend our meetings, held on the first Thursday of the month, to form our Citizen Advisory Committee Rep and find out what’s happening at SPMS.


    ParentCONNECTxp (click on icon to be redirected) ParentConnectxp is a web-based program which allows parent users to access portions of teachers’ grade books.  All SPMS teachers utilize PowerTeacher to track student assignments and calculate grades.  Teachers use this program to enter student assignments (i.e. homework, classwork, projects, assessments, etc) and assign each a point value and due date. ParentConnectxp accesses PowerTeacher and allows parents to “see” their child’s score on each individual assignment as well as “see” their child’s cumulative grade for the current marking period.

    Under the Settings menu, parent users are able to change their password and edit their linked email accounts, as well as subscribe to Alert Notifications which allows them to automatically receive system generated email alerts for unverified absences, tardies or missing assignments. 

    Although there are multiple menus (listed on the left column in the “pencils”) available to parent users, most will find the Assignments menu the most useful.  This menu offers two tabs:  Assignments and Class Scores.  The Assignments tab allows parents to filter the assignments by preset time periods (e.g. This Week, Last Week, This Month, etc).  The Class Scores tab provides a cumulative letter grade for each of the student’s courses.

    However, parents should recognize that ParentConnectxp is NOT the teacher’s actual grade book.  It’s a “snapshot” of their grade book taken a one moment in time. Teachers are constantly updating and changing information in their grade book through the school day.  What a parent sees through ParentConnectxp at any given time is only the information that was in the grade book at the time the system executes its daily download (in the middle of the night).  Therefore, ParentConnectxp is not a real time grading system.  The information that is being viewed by a parent at 6PM on any given day does not reflect any information that the teacher entered that day—it is the same “picture” that was available at 6AM, at Noon, and will be available until the system updates again overnight.

    Parents should also recognize that they will not be able to calculate their child’s grade manually.  The Class Scores tab does this for you.  Many of the courses have an algorithm associated with the calculation of a student’s grade as mandated by Anne Arundel County Public Schools Board of Education’s policies.  For example, some courses may require that Homework account for 10% of the grade, Reading Assignments 40%, Writing Assignments 40% and a county Benchmark Assessment 10%.  (Each teacher includes the grading policy for their course in the course description sent home with the student.)  Although ParentConnectxp does identify a type for every assignment, it is a complex process to properly group all assignments and weight them correctly.

    ParentConnectxp is, however, an excellent tool for regularly checking on a student’s progress.  Through the alert function and regular review of the assignments, parents can identify if work is being completed on schedule.  They can also get a good feel for the quality of work that is already graded and can quickly identify areas where their child might need additional focus.  It should be thought of as another communication tool, to augment those already at their disposal.