Vaccination Information for incoming 7th graders

    Health Room

    The health room is staffed by a school nurse and a full time health assistant. The health assistant is qualified to give medication and administer first aid as needed to our students. As a general rule, the health room should be used for the following conditions: medication administration injuries illness which includes symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, severe headache rashes or other skin conditions 
    The new medication form can be downloaded here: http://www.aahealth.org/App_pdfs/medform.pdf


    At the beginning of the year Emergency Notification Cards will be sent home for you to complete. These cards are used to contact you in the event of and emergency. Please keep us updated if any of this information changes throughout the year. The health information on the top of the card helps to keep us informed of any medical concerns that might affect you child. Or, you can call the school nurse with any students health concerns @ 410-793-0280, extension 50.


    Message from the Health Room

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools has a zero tolerance drug policy. Per Board of Education Policy: Students are not permitted to take medication outside of office area. No student is permitted to have ANY medication in a locker or in his/her possession while on school property. This includes prescription and non-prescription medication (i.e., Tylenol, Advil, eye drops, and cough drops). This excludes asthma inhalers when specified for self-carry/self administer, Epi-Pens, and Insulin. These medications may be carried by the student if specific authorization is received from the physician. Violation of this policy will result in suspension or expulsion from school. (See the Code of Student Conduct.) If your child needs to take any medicine while at school, please have your health care provider fill out a Parents Request to Administer Medication at School Form and bring the form and the medicine to the Health Room. Prescription medicine must be in the original pharmacy container. Tylenol or other such products should be in the original sealed container (small generic bottles work well). Please do not hesitate to contact the nurse if you have any questions about the medication policy.


    Parent's Request to Administer Medication at School: Also, please remember parents, any medication you wish to be administered by the Health Room must be brought to the school by an adult (click here for the appropriate forms), not by the student.