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    Beckett Hummer - Meade High School

    Beckett Hummer’s earliest memories of service are from a preschool experience. Her mom was part of a group who took the preschool students to a local retirement home. There the preschoolers took time getting to know some of the residents and creating friendships that were cross-generational. She and her family have been active in service for as long as she can remember. 

    Beckett is a 10th grader at Meade High School who continues to serve her community. During the pandemic, Beckett saw the need for food for people who could not afford it due to the quarantine. She and her family took action by collecting food and creating weekend food bags they gave out at two local elementary schools near her home.  They  did this over 15 weeks and gave out over 1,000 bags of food. Other service opportunities she has been involved with include Wreaths Across America, Operation Christmas Child, Bello Machre, Annapolis Soccer Club, Creating Communities, and Gigi’s Playhouse. 

    In addition to a love of service, Beckett enjoys playing soccer, reading, watching movies, and taking care of her plants. She also likes to stay in touch with her family and friends by writing letters. She commented, “The current state of the world has impacted some of my hobbies, such as traveling, but I still get to do a lot of the things I enjoy.” This comment is evident of the positive attitude that Beckett displays in her everyday life. 

     Beckett hopes to continue helping her community as much as possible and staying involved in the AACPS Service Learning Portal, as well as staying in CRASC.  She is also working on her IB Personal Project, which will take a lot of time but her hope is that it will have a positive impact on her community and make a difference on a bigger scale. In the future, she hopes to have a career in politics or government so she can continue to make a difference in the world. 

    Beckett would recommend that other students get involved with service in AACPS because everyone can make a difference by doing the smallest things. Spending less than an hour a week can make a big difference in your community and make a positive impact. Beckett added,  “I know personally I felt like I was making a difference and really seeing the impact of my service, and that made it worth it. Helping make a change in your community is one of the most important things you can do, and by doing service, it makes it easy.” 

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