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    Picture of Corynn Green  Corynn Green - Crofton High School

    Corynn Green is a sophomore at Crofton High School who has been involved in service for many years. She has wonderful memories of serving with the Girl Scouts. Her favorite memory was when she helped with food drives and at the local food bank, where she spent hours handing out food, cleaning up, and doing the dishes.

    Corynn is also involved with other organizations in her community. She has volunteered at Sarah's House, SPCA, her church, Harvest for the Hungry, Winter Relief, my local Library, Boy Scouts, and at Nursing Homes.  Her favorite things to do while serving depends on where she is, but mostly she really enjoys talking and interacting with people, which enables her to hear all of the stories and experiences about their lives.

    Corynn is dedicated to service to her community. She is a leader in the  Crofton High School Service Club and the Best Buddies Program at her high school. Erin Few, the sponsor of those clubs shared that,  “Corynn truly exhibits Crofton Cardinals “CARDS” values  of “diversity” and “service.”  In her short time at Crofton High, she has already impacted the Crofton community in immeasurable ways.”  As a result of her dedication, Corynn secured a grant from the Kindness Grows Here organization that will support her plan to produce Kindness Read-Alouds to be ‘gifted’ to Nantucket Elementary School.  Her hope is to teach the value of kindness to students year-after-year.   Mrs. Few added, “Corynn is a friendly, out-going advocate for inclusion, and makes all of her classmates feel welcome and valued with her winning smile and kind heart.”

    Corynn’s plan, going into her junior year, includes continuing in the Project Lead the Way, a STEM pathway at Crofton High School, and expanding her academic workload by taking honors and AP classes. As for her future, Corynn shared that she does not have it all planned out yet, but she hopes to major in Nanotech Engineering at Auburn University.  In line with her service minded spirit, Corynn would like to learn and use nanotechnology to help and make a positive difference for people.


    Outside of service, Corynn is a lacrosse goalie for her club lacrosse team.  She also plays field hockey for her high school club team.  She also enjoys hanging out with friends, going on adventures, listening to music, and taking pictures of sunsets.

    When asked if she had anything else to share, Corynn stated, “I recommend students get involved in service because I absolutely believe it is one of the most rewarding things I do.  It makes a difference in other people’s lives and allows you to see and experience lives which are different from your own. Also, you expand your horizons through new encounters, ideas, and connection, which provides a feeling of accomplishment. This is an incredible feeling, even with all of the negativity lately regarding living with the pandemic.”

    Congratulations to Corynn on being selected as the January 2021 Service Learning Spotlight Student



    Picture of boy, Tyler   Tyler Cushing - Severna Park High School

    The first service opportunity Tyler Cushing, a senior at Severna Park High School, can remember occurred with his middle school National Junior Honor Society. To apply, he had to complete 25+ hours of community service.He completed those hours at a local Thrift Store in Fort Benning, Georgia and quickly learned what serving his community meant to others and how much service can help create a positive change.


    More recently, Tyler got involved in service through the Key Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. In the fall of his junior year, his friends shared that the Key Club was dedicated to serving the community. He knew he wanted to be a part of that. Soon, Tyler was participating and contributing to a purpose that was bigger than himself. Tyler shared, “The Key Club opened up many opportunities to get involved and to appreciate the community around me.”


    This year, Tyler is the committee leader for the Ronald McDonald House in Maryland for the SPHS Key Club. Paige Chang, the Key Club advisor shared that, “Tyler did an amazing job spearheading our first Key Club project of the year.  With very little time and notice, he established communication with the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore, set up a virtual "letters of encouragement" project for our first general meeting, put all the letters together, printed them and sent them to RM House to share with their guests.” The letters certainly brought some much needed joy to the families who were staying at the Ronald McDonald House. 


    Not only is Tyler driven to serve his community, but he also plans to continue to serve his community and country by joining the United States Army, either through the United States Military Academy at West Point, or with a ROTC Scholarship at another college. He feels, “As an American, I truly believe that every citizen, in some form and at some time, should serve his or her country and community to encourage positive change in our nation.”


    When Tyler is not serving, he enjoys working, exercising, watching movies, and enjoying time with his friends and family. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and the track and cross country teams. 


    Tyler recommends that other students involve themselves in service because of the change individuals can bring to the community. He said, “Maybe all that others need are happiness and knowing that others support them in their lives. By serving others, you will get the best feeling knowing that you’ve contributed to the positivity of the community.”


    Congratulations to Tyler on being selected as the December Service Learning Spotlight Student!



    Picture of Kelly Hoang  Kelly Hoang - Chesapeake High School

    Kelly Hoang is a senior at Chesapeake High School who got involved in service through the Key Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. She recalls that she joined the club as a freshman through the encouragement of a friend. Right away she knew that Key Club was the right fit for her. Her goal of increasing her involvement with the community would be met through her participation in the club. The first service opportunity she can remember was the Kiwanis Apple Sale at the Severna Park Community Center. Her favorite part of the event was seeing many smiling faces and the wonderful conversations she had with the people there. In her words, “It made me want to serve the community even more.”

    Kelly is also involved with other organizations in her community. She has volunteered with the Red Cross, Happy Helpers for the Homeless, Severna Park Rotary Club, Girl Scouts of America, and Yuda Bands. She shared that her favorite service projects are ones that help the environment. She truly has a heart for the bay.

    Not only is Kelly involved in serving her community, she also has been in the Color Guard, Student Government Association, Math Club, National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. Her passion for service and involvement is evident by the participation in extra-curriculars. Additionally, she enjoys singing, art, photography, and knitting.  

    Following graduation, Kelly plans on attending a four-year college where she will pursue her interest in mathematics. She also plans on spreading the awareness about the impact of service and volunteering to others. Some of the things she will share to encourage others to serve is that it is truly refreshing and can make the person serving feel happy. In addition she will let them know that it is a great way to  meet new people.

    When asked if she had anything else to share, Kelly stated, “I highly recommend other students to join Key Club, which is a student-led organization that has helped me develop  my leadership skills through community service and teamwork.”

    Congratulations to Kelly on being selected as the November Service Learning Spotlight Student!




    Ryan O'Connor - Arundel High School

    Ryan O’Connor is a senior at Arundel High School. Her family has been serving the community for as long as she can remember. Some of the organizations she remembers serving with her family include her church community, various non-profits, and st events with Girl Scouts. When asked about her earliest memory of a service project, she shared that when she was in fifth grade, she and her sister planned a “play day” for the neighborhood children. They planned creative and play activities for the children. As they were planning they decided that they wanted to raise money, so they charged a small fee and donated all of the money to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. For her, that was only the beginning of her journey in service. 

    Ryan is a true servant leader at Arundel High School, where she serves as the president of the Interact Club, which is the Rotary sponsored service club for young people. Through her involvement with Interact, she learned about Global Citizenship and got involved with Kenya Connect,  a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering and engaging teachers and students in rural Kenya to succeed in the 21st century.  As the president of Interact and with help from club members and teachers, she would initiated, planned, and executed an event called the Kenya Cup, a soccer tournament between teams of high school students sponsored by teachers. Ryan excitedly reported, “It was all “fun and games,” but the real “trophy” was involving both local and global communities working for a cause.”

    Not only is Ryan involved in Interact, but she also is involved with the Best Buddies Program, AACPS Service Learning Leadership Team, National Honor Society, and the  Math, Social Studies, Spanish, and Science National Honor Societies. Outside of school, Ryan enjoys working out, especially using the Peloton and Pure Barre methods. She also loves travelling with her family and spending time with her puppy. 

    Following graduation, Ryan plans to attend a 4 year college and major in Kinesiology or Psychology  with hopes of continuing her education to gain a doctorate in Occupational Therapy.  While in college, she wants to continue to be very involved in service to the community. When asked what she would tell her peers about serving she said, “Service is definitely something that all students, actually all individuals, should be involved in.  It gives you a sense of purpose, that is followed by an intrinsic feeling or reward knowing that you made a positive impact or difference in the lives of others in some way.”





    Beckett Hummer - Meade High School

    Beckett Hummer’s earliest memories of service are from a preschool experience. Her mom was part of a group who took the preschool students to a local retirement home. There the preschoolers took time getting to know some of the residents and creating friendships that were cross-generational. She and her family have been active in service for as long as she can remember. 

    Beckett is a 10th grader at Meade High School who continues to serve her community. During the pandemic, Beckett saw the need for food for people who could not afford it due to the quarantine. She and her family took action by collecting food and creating weekend food bags they gave out at two local elementary schools near her home.  They  did this over 15 weeks and gave out over 1,000 bags of food. Other service opportunities she has been involved with include Wreaths Across America, Operation Christmas Child, Bello Machre, Annapolis Soccer Club, Creating Communities, and Gigi’s Playhouse. 

    In addition to a love of service, Beckett enjoys playing soccer, reading, watching movies, and taking care of her plants. She also likes to stay in touch with her family and friends by writing letters. She commented, “The current state of the world has impacted some of my hobbies, such as traveling, but I still get to do a lot of the things I enjoy.” This comment is evident of the positive attitude that Beckett displays in her everyday life. 

     Beckett hopes to continue helping her community as much as possible and staying involved in the AACPS Service Learning Portal, as well as staying in CRASC.  She is also working on her IB Personal Project, which will take a lot of time but her hope is that it will have a positive impact on her community and make a difference on a bigger scale. In the future, she hopes to have a career in politics or government so she can continue to make a difference in the world. 

    Beckett would recommend that other students get involved with service in AACPS because everyone can make a difference by doing the smallest things. Spending less than an hour a week can make a big difference in your community and make a positive impact. Beckett added,  “I know personally I felt like I was making a difference and really seeing the impact of my service, and that made it worth it. Helping make a change in your community is one of the most important things you can do, and by doing service, it makes it easy.” 

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