The Digital Classroom Project

  • The Digital Classroom Project expanded in 2017 to support students who are suffering from serious illnesses or injuries that prevent them from attending classes.  These students are generally assigned a Home & Hospital Teacher who provides instruction to them and works with the classroom teachers to ensure that the students are not “falling behind” in their studies.  However, this is not ideal for many students & their families, since the students on Home & Hospital Teaching do not have the ability to interact with their classmates, teachers, and others in the community.


    The Digital Classroom 2.0 Project provides a robot to a student who is expected to be out of school for at least 2 months or who is going to be out of school several times each week due to a medical condition or treatment.  This donation allows the student to attend classes, travel through the hallways, sit at the lunch table with his/her friends, participate in group assignments, and ask questions to teachers in real-time.  The additional benefits to the student, family, and school community are immeasurable. 


    Please take a look at these videos to see the impact that Digital Classroom 2.0 is having –

    Digital Classroom 2.0 at Point Pleasant Elementary

    Case Study from Double Robot featuring Old Mill High School student

    AACPS-TV News Story of Meade HIgh School Digital Classroom 2.0

    Channel 11: Anne Arundel County schools bring robots to hospitalized students

    Channel 13: Distance Learning Robots Needed


    If an organization or business donates the funds for Digital Classroom 2.0, there is an opportunity to “dress” the robot in a t-shirt and stickers to show the support for this project.  Once a student no longer needs the robot, it will be assigned to another student on a waiting list.  At any given time in Anne Arundel County Public Schools, there are 80-100 students who are receiving Home & Hospital Teaching services and many of these students would benefit from the use of a robot. 


    The cost for each Digital Classroom project is $4,000.  Here is a link to the photos from some of our past projects-

Digital Classroom Flyer
Robot Group
  • The original Digital Classroom Project, which continues today, provides tablets and charging carts to schools so that students have increased accessed to hand-held technology in their classes.  This service project has been created in conjunction with the school system to maximize the effect of the contribution.  The technology purchased (currently Google Chromebooks) are purchased through the Anne Arundel County Public Schools purchasing agreement, with no tax, no shipping, and no maintenance/warranty fees.  The technology is delivered directly to the receiving school and each tablet is set-up by the AACPS Technology department, making it a “turnkey” project for donors.  Stickers from the donating organization are also placed on each tablet. 

    Upon receipt of the technology, the school system sets up a date to “present” the Digital Classroom to the school during one of the classes.  Donors are invited to the school to hand-deliver the tablets to students and welcome to stay to observe the students using the new technology during a lesson.  Photos are taken, signage is provided, and – occasionally – there is video coverage of the presentation.  


    Click on these link to watch short videos for more information –

    Oakwood & Quarterfield Elementary School Digital Classroom Presentation

    Corkran Middle School Digital Classroom Presentation

    Hilltop Elementary Digital Classroom Presentation

    Digital Classroom Project Presentation at Annapolis Elementary

    Digital Classroom Presentation at Tyler Heights Elementary