Driving Values
  • As we continue to strive in Anne Arundel County Public Schools to elevate all students and eliminate all gaps, community stakeholders came together during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years to articulate what they felt was most important for us to embrace as guiding values for our next five years. Their thoughts are grounded in the need for us as a school district to become a place where all feel welcome, valued, and supported as we learn and work together toward achieving student success. The values below will drive our planning and actions during the 2018-23 school years.

    I.  All Means All

    A.    All Students, Families, Employees & Community Members Feel Welcome

    From our youngest students, to parents or guardians reaching out to support their children, to the most seasoned educator or staff member, to our community members generously volunteering their time and talents – each and every individual is capable of learning more and contributing more when they feel they are an appreciated, connected and contributing member of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools family. Progress can be made and goals met or surpassed with greater ease when all stakeholders feel a sense of belonging in our schools and offices across the district.

    B.    Diversity is Invited, Nurtured, and CelebratedFamily

    We are committed to providing all AACPS students and employees with access to safe, equitable, and engaging environments to learn and work.  As Anne Arundel County’s citizenry grows more diverse, we increase our attention and dedication to making our schools and offices places where all may thrive. Students and staff bring a wide range of traditions and cultures from their homes into our schools and workplaces. We respect and honor this diversity and work purposefully to make all feel they are able to grow to great heights where their successes will ultimately be celebrated and rewarded. As we grow, we strive to recruit and retain a high quality, diverse workforce who will work to raise student engagement and achievement, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation. 

    C.  Everyone in the AACPS Family Fosters Student Growth

    We accept and embrace the challenge and responsibility to meet every student uniquely based on individual needs. Every member of the AACPS family must make a meaningful contribution to student growth, if we are to support our students to develop into caring, competent, and contributing citizens. All employees have an important role to play to address the social emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of our students.  We take pride in our work to build relationships with students, families, and partners – all who provide engaging and supportive fertile ground in which our students grow to reach their potential.


     II. Ready, Set, Launch!

    All Students are Prepared for College, Career, and Community 

    A.    Inside the Classroom

    We are committed to readying our students to become literate, independent, caring, and contributing adults who are able to successfully navigate and positively impact the 21st century global society. Before exiting high school, students will have uncovered and explored their many talents and passions, interacted with professionals from career fields in which they have interest, understood how to put their talents and skills to use in multiple career areas, participated in professional internships with a community or industry mentors, planned with college or career counselors, and met all Maryland high school graduation requirements. In preK-12 formal and informal learning settings, we will offer all students important and relevant content, tools, skills, and experiences so every student is able to confidently build and cross their own unique bridge from school to civic engagement, workforce participation, and college enrollment.

    B.  BStudent  eyond the Classroom Walls

    Valuable student learning occurs inside and outside our classroom walls. Students should have opportunities to explore or enrich their personal interests, engage in unique learning experiences, and interact with others who share their passions in clubs, organizations, and competitions that take place outside of classroom settings. We are working to increase the number of quality co-curricular offerings available for students, schedule them at flexible times, thus allowing for maximum student participation, provide experts from all community sectors to facilitate these relevant offerings, and reduce barriers to student participation affected by transportation challenges in Anne Arundel County.

    III.  Sound Stewardship

    A.  AACPS Business Practices are Designed for Quality, Effectiveness, and Efficiency 

    We take pride in the establishment and implementation of quality business practices which lead to the effective management of all school system resources.  We are committed to continuing the prudent development, deployment, and evaluation of streamlined business processes and procedures to maintain resource stewardship excellence while striving to increase our efficiency, productivity, and service delivery levels.