• Employee Wellness



  • Q: I have multiple food allergies that make eating healthy very difficult. Does AACPS have a connection with any type of wellness or dietary counseling/assistance?

    A: Permanent employees have access to wellness counseling services through the Employee Assistance Program: www.bhsonline.com 800-327-2251

    Q: When can I make changes to my benefits?

    A: Changes can only be made during Open Enrollment which occurs the first weeks of November each year.  If you have a lifestyle change, you may add or drop dependents to/from your current coverage (i.e. birth, marriage, divorce, death of dependent, etc.) or enroll in coverage should you experience a loss of coverage (i.e. age out, spouse loss of employment, etc.) Contact Benefits Office for more information at benefits@aacps.org.

    Q: What is the spousal surcharge?

    A: A monthly charge applied to employees in addition to regular healthcare premiums for employees who enroll their spouse in the AACPS medical plan when that spouse has access to employer-provided medical coverage available through his/her own employer. The monthly surcharge will be deducted from an employee’s pay on a biweekly basis.

    The spousal surcharge encourages those participants whose spouse is eligible for other group insurance to take advantage of that coverage. It also allows AACPS to share healthcare costs with other employers and helps AACPS keep medical plans affordable.


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