Middle School Apex +

  • What is Middle School Apex +?

    During Apex +, students will work with teaching artists to gain experience in their prime arts area. Instruction will focus on specific techniques that extend beyond the content of the regular day Prime classes, allowing students to expand their repertoire. All classes are performance or product based, with opportunities to collaborate across arts areas. Students will present their work in a culminating showcase at the end of each quarter. All students will produce and present a capstone project that encapsulates their Apex Arts experience during the 4th quarter of 8th grade. Apex Arts Extended Day is an integrated and assessed component of the program and is a requirement for all students.


    How is it Implemented?

    Apex + will take place over the course of 8 sessions per quarter.  Classes will meet for an hour once a week on Wednesdays.  Showcases will take place on the 8th day of the session and they are open to the public.

    Course structures are designed by Primes, with the structures varying depending on the content area. Students will either audition, be placed or have choices within their prime. Students will work with their prime arts teacher and teaching artists on work that is aligned to the curriculum of daytime instruction.


    Apex Arts Clubs

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in school-wide arts-based clubs outside of their prime. These clubs are open to all students and occur throughout the year. Club options can include opportunities to participate in musicals, technical theatre, AVID for artists, dance experiences, community arts, garage band, a capella, etc. Club offerings will vary from year to year, depending on availability. Clubs occur after school, as scheduled by school location.


    Professional Arts Experiences

    Apex Arts aims to expose students to a broad range of professional arts experiences, locally and regionally. These experiences may consist of museum tours, exhibitions, musical, dance or theatrical performances, rehearsals and workshops. Students are required to attend one Prime based and one outside arts field trip each semester of each year. These trips will take place during the school day, evenings and weekends as scheduled. Participation in these experiences are assessed and required for all Apex Arts students.