High School Extended Day

  • Applied Arts: Applied Arts is specialized instruction intended to strengthen abilities, techniques, and repertoire in the student’s prime arts area. Applied Arts in Music primes is a weekly private or small group lesson with a professional musician. Applied Arts for Creative Writing, Dance, Acting, Design & Production, Film, and Visual Arts is a series of intensives that focus on specific techniques related to each prime. Students are presented with course offerings to their prime and sign up to attend the courses they are interested in. These classes meet on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays throughout the school year. 

    Projects: Projects are multi-disciplinary collaborative experiences led by teachers and guest artists. These projects range in length of time and are staggered throughout the year. The project leads create a structure or concept and then work with students to generate the content. All projects culminate with a public presentation, performance, or exhibition. Projects meet on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the school year.

    Master Classes: Provide an opportunity for students to learn from and share experiences with leading professional artists from across the country. The artists present their work to the students and then lead a workshop or intensive that focuses on an aspect of their art form or specialty.

    GCC Through the Foundations of 21st Century Design - 1/2 Credit High School Course: Global Community Citizenship is an introductory PVA course designed to explore the values and diversity of our local, national, and global communities through Project-Based Learning.  Specifically, through Project Based Learning, students will identify and discuss issues, events, and essential questions relevant to the community which will allow them to understand their role in demonstrating civic virtues. Students will consider the cultural and technological influences that have shaped our modern society and consider how these impact the students’ social options in the future.  Students will begin with self-exploration to understand what events, traditions and circumstances have shaped their views, behaviors and goals followed by them exploring the cultures, religions, and traditions of people in our community while learning about the creative process, building artistic habits, and collaboration across the arts along the way. In this course, students are also given room to explore ideas, to combine art forms, and sometimes fail- reflecting, revising, and growing as artists along the way. Strategies integral to this course include the ability to discuss and debate mature topics and themes respectfully, a level of comfort with a variety of non-print mediums, working collaboratively in groups and participating in multi-disciplinary project-based learning with a variety of educators of artistic backgrounds while they work together, learn how to give and receive feedback, and present their work to audiences at various stages.

    This is the Global Community Citizanship (GCC) course with PVA overlays. This course is a graduation requirement for all AACPS freshman. For more information on GCC, please visit https://www.aacps.org/globalcitizenship For PVA 9th graders, this course will meet during Extended Day on Mondays and Wednesdays for either the Fall, Winter, or Spring trimester.