• Teachers:
    Ms. Cohen, Mrs. Hunt


    Language Arts:
    McGraw-Hill Treasures: Second Grade Themes

    1 Friends and Family: Think about what makes a good friend.

    2 Community Heroes: What heroes live in your community?

    3 Let’s Create: How do people express their ideas and emotions in creative ways?

    4 Better Together: How is working together better than working alone?

    5 Growing and Changing: How do animals and plants change as they grow?

    6 The World Around Us: How do we learn about nature?


    Problem solving
    Whole number concepts of addition and subtraction
    Place value
    Multiplication and division of whole numbers
    Algebraic concepts
    Measurement: time, temperature, money, weight
    Graphing and statistics
    Linear measurement

    Social Studies:

    A survey of our communities
    Career awareness and decision making
    Pioneer family life
    Rules and laws of my country, state, and nation
    People who make a difference


    Food chain
    The Earth's surface
    The water cycle
    Adaptation of plants and animals
    Vertebrates and invertebrates
    Growth and change of animals