Request a Field Trip

  • Field Trips All events, workshops, and field trips are aligned to our AACPS science standards.

    The Science Center is open and accepting field trip requests for K through 2nd Grades! (Pre-K is coming soon)

    We can only accept two classes per grade level for each day due to space constraints and fire code.    

    We offer a three hour field trip/experience that you can select during regular school hours.  For example, you can select your trip to be  10:00-1:00 or 9:00-12:00.  Students are expected to bring their own lunches.  There is no registration or entry fee, the only cost to the      school or students is transportation.  


    Verify using the calendar below to check available dates where it says "Open For A Field Trip". Field trips are currently only offered on days where "Open For A Field Trip" is noted.

    When you find a date that works for you, please register here (you must be signed in to your AACPS Google account to register).  Once approved, the date will then be marked as booked for your school.  Please send any questions to