• FAQs Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Science Center @ Southern High.  We have included our answers to help you with your decision to visit us.  Please don’t hesitate to call or send an email if you have additional questions.

  • 1. Will the young students who visit the Science Center be mixed with high school students since the Science Center is located inside Southern High School?

    The student visitors will enter and exit the Science Center through a unique entrance that does not offer them the opportunity to enter the rest of Southern High School.  They will however, have the opportunity to work alongside some high school students who work in the Science Center as interns.  These high school students are studying how to design and run a non-profit organization that has its mission to serve and engage young children in science exploration and learning.

  • 2. Will my students be able to actually touch things and “do” science at this Science Center?

    What a great question! The answer is a resounding, YES!!!  We have designed this Science Center for young students to touch, ask questions, experiment, design, have fun, explore, and actually DO SCIENCE.  We very much value the young child; we believe that it is important to get them involved and engaged in their exploration of the world as this is how they learn best.