History of the Science Center

  • Galesville The Science Center @ Southern High began as the Carrie Weedon Science Center many years ago.  At the time, this center made its home in the Carrie Weedon Elementary School in Galesville, Maryland, in southern Anne Arundel County.  Community members wanted our young people to learn to love science and come to respect the importance of clean water and the Chesapeake Bay watershed habitats that make up much of our county.  They came together to build hands-on science lessons that are student-centered and focused on environmental science topics related to ‘our’ bay.  They then offered these multi-hour science immersive experiences to Kindergarten through 5th graders across the county.  Field trips to Carrie Weedon became an annual event for students in many of our 75+ elementary schools.

    Today, many years after the initial opening of the Carrie Weedon Science Center in Galesville, the mission of the Science Center remains much the same.  While the new home of the Science Center is now inside Southern High School, the mission to excite and engage elementary students in the doing of environmental science still rings true.  We remain a community-based Science Center that values and celebrates the science found on the land, shores, and waters surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. 

    The Science Center will host:science project

    • Elementary (K-2 only, at this time) Science Field Trips
    • Science Speaker Events, and
    • Family Science Support Workshops for those parents or guardians who have elementary students working on science fair or inquiry-based projects

    Please note: All events, workshops, and field trips are aligned to Anne Arundel County Public Schools science standards.