• Curriculum Plans


    Curriculum Overview for Grades K-5th

    Language Arts:

    Reading- The Elementary Reading/Language Arts Program in Anne Arundel County Public Schools is designed to accelerate achievement for all students. To attain this important academic goal, the Treasures Reading Program forms the foundation of language arts instruction in our elementary schools. Learn more about this program by exploring the Anne Arundel County Public Schools web site (http: www.aacps.org) and reviewing the program's implementation throughout the elementary school years kindergarten through grade five.

    Writing- The overall goal of the writing program is to enable students to demonstrate effective writing in academic, social, and personal situations for a variety of purposes, audiences, and topics. The purposes are as follows:

    to express personal ideas- story, play, or poem
    to persuade- letters, editorials, and/or advertisements
    to inform- paragraphs, reports, essays, business letters, memos, or notes
    Writing is a process whereby writers move recursively through a series of stages as they compose. Students progress from a topic or idea to a finished piece utilizing prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing/sharing.