• PE

    Physical education is an integral part of the total education program. The curricular content is based upon the National Standards for Physical Education, the Maryland Learning Outcomes and the Maryland Physical Education Content Standards. Elementary physical education is a planned sequence of activities that affords the students the opportunity to achieve competency in a variety of movement forms. The student's learn to apply movement concepts to the development of motor patterns and integrated movement sequences. Development of a student's personal fitness potential is an important program outcome.




    All students in grades 1 - 5 receive art instruction for one hour each week. The curriculum is design around discipline based art education. Areas studied include the elements of design, painting, print making, ceramics, drawing, sculpture and construction, and crafts. The projects undertaken by the students are extensively correlated with the academic curriculum, especially social studies and science. Students' art work is displayed throughout the school in the hallways, showcases, bulletin boards, and the media center. Art work is also displayed in the community in such locations as the Board of Education, local malls, libraries, and other public buildings. Learn more about the Visual Arts Program at Anne Arundel County Public Schools.



    Band and Strings

    String instrument lessons are available to students in grades three, four and five. String lessons are available for: Cello, Bass, Viola, and Violin. Band instrument lessons are available to students in fourth and fifth grade. Band instruments include: flute, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, percussion, French horn, baritone horn, tuba and saxophone.



    General Music

    All students in grades one through five receive general music instruction for two half-hours per week with a qualified music teacher. Kindergarten music is provided by the classroom teacher. Chorus is open to students in grades four and five. Learn more about the Music Program at AACPS.



    Media Center

    The Library Media program is designed for students to learn information skills, use information skills effectively to solve problems and explore literature and reading for the purpose of lifelong learning. Grade K-2 emphasis is on literature with some beginning location and research skills. Grade 3 - 5 focuses on Information Problem Solving. Media skills are integrated with classroom units where possible. Click on the following link for access to the Library Media Services' Electronic Database.





    Windsor Farm has a networked computer lab with 35 student stations, a 13 station mini lab in the media center as well as 1 or 2 networked computers in every classroom. The computer lab enables teachers to integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum. By assessing varieties of web sites and utilizing approved software applications, students compile and analyze data, research using the Internet and online encyclopedias, organize facts and write reports using graphics, present multimedia presentations and use digital photography. Each student spends time each week on keyboarding to increase speed and productivity. Our lab serves all students from kindergarten through fifth grade.