The Path of an Explorer

  • Explorers travel in search of new opportunities that will enhance their professional learning and grow their students. Along their journey, they seek out new information to bring exciting ideas, skills, and strategies back into their classroom, school or office. 

The Explorer in Action

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Is an explorer badge for me?

  • Explorer Micro-Credentials provide participants with a survey of their chosen Micro-Credential topic and offers strategies to improve your immediate field of work. Consider pursuing an Explorer Micro-Credential if you are a/an:

    • Unit I employee who wants to strengthen their craft to better support your students and grade-level team;
    • Unit III or IV employee looking for opportunities to grow as a leader in your workplace;
    • Unit II, V, or VI employee interested in bringing new strategies and skills back to your school, office, or building;
    • Any employee hoping to gain a better understanding of the ideas and movements driving AACPS today.

    The next badge in your journey is Adventurer

Explorer Badge, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Ready to Level Up?