• E-Books and Online Databases

    Our school E-Books & online databases may be used at home through


       Select Elementary Schools

       Select Tracey’s Elementary from the drop down menu. 

       Click on MackinVIA found on the blue menu bar (top right side)

       Log into this site with your SIF or lunch number as the user name and then the last 4 digits of your SIF for the password. 

        Once you are into MackinVIA you may read E-Books and access elementary online databases  


    Online databases can help you with homework, questions, projects & reports


    Britannica—Global  and  Spanish Reference Center, Image Quest, School

    Encyclopedia articles, educational activities, study guides and rights-cleared images.


    Culture Grams

    Articles, slide shows, videos to teach children about the world around them.


    EBSCO—Searchasaurus, Kids Search

    Informational articles and photos


    Enchanted Learning

    Educational activities and print outs


    Fact Cite—American History, Myths, Biography, Science, Sports

    Informational articles—subject search


    Grolier  Online

    Encyclopedia articles including Amazing  Animals of the World



    Easy reading  articles & videos for  Animals, Science, Social Studies and Biography.


    SIRS Discoverer  

    Informational articles for research and homework help for young researchers.


    True Flix

    Social Studies and Science content in enhanced E-Book and video format.


    World Almanac

    Resources for homework, reports, current events and projects presented in a fun format.


    World Book

    Engaging reference resources for students in grades PreK to Grade 5 and up.