Faculty and Staff

  • For the 2021-2022 school year:

      Name Email
    Principal Mrs. Tamba Elliott telliott@aacps.org
    Secretary Mrs. Joddi Akers jakers@aacps.org
    Mrs. Michelle Jenkin mjenkin@aacps.org
    School Nurse  Mrs. Teri Chinn nurse3212@aacps.org
    Health Room Assistant Mrs. Heather Flye heath3212@aacps.org
    Kindergarten Mrs. Claire Dunham cdunham@aacps.org 
    Ms. Natalie Berson nberson@aacps.org
    Mrs. Ashley Holland astone@aacps.org
    Kindergarten TA  Mrs. Jennifer Burleson jburleson@aacps.org
    First Grade Mrs. Erica Cosgrove emcosgrove@aacps.org
    Mrs. Kelly O'Neal koneal@aacps.org
    Second Grade Miss Phoebe Heil pheil@aacps.org
    Mrs. Beth Joy eajoy@aacps.org
    Third Grade Ms. Catherine Bach cbach@aacps.org
    Miss Teresa Beilstein tmbeilstein@aacps.org
    Mrs. Christine Simoncic csimoncic@aacps.org
    Fourth Grade Mrs. Kathy Fielder kfielder@aacps.org
    Mrs. Katrina Hatfield khatfield@aacps.org
    Mrs. Lisa June ljune@aacps.org
    Fifth Grade Miss Anita Balestreire abalestreire@aacps.org
    Ms. Megan Nisson mnisson@aacps.org
     Mrs. Laurie Balderston lbalderston@aacps.org
    Special Education Ms. Riley Hopkins rkhopkins@aacps.org
    Mrs. Rebecca Sober rsober@a acps.org
    Mrs. Allison Masson amasson@aacps.org
    Speech/Language Pathologist Miss Sarah Councill scouncill@aacps.org
    TSA  Mrs. Susanna Cooper srcooper1@aacps.org
    Art Miss Kathryn Hipp khipp@aacps.org
    General Music Mrs. Danielle Slater dslater@aacps.org
    Band Instructor Mr. Nicholas Franck nfranck@aacps.org
    Orchestra Instructor Mrs. Jacqueline Mattingly jmattingly@aacps.org
    Physical Education Miss Courtney Rice cmrice@aacps.org
    Media  Ms. Holly Willis  hwillis@aacps.org
    Mrs. Kerry Guglielmini kguglielmini@aacps.org
    Literacy Teacher Mrs. Sarah Down sdown@aacps.org
    School Counselor Mrs. Jaclyn Haslun jhaslun@aacps.org
    ESL  Mrs. Jami Lyon jlyon@aacps.org
    Bi-Lingual Facilitator Ms. Angela Nambiar anambiar@aacps.org
    PPW Mr. D'Angelo Washington dawashington@aacps.org
    PYP Coordinator Mrs. Erika Boltz eboltz@aacps.org
    Technology Support Technician Mr. Joseph Schorback jschorback@aacps.org
    French  Mrs. Carine Wahis cwahis@aacps.org
    Custodians Mr. Richard Gordon – Chief rdgordon@aacps.org
    Mr. Kai Garcia ikgarcia@aacps.org 
    Mrs. Christina Sharps crsharps@aacps.org
    Cafeteria Mrs. Liz Sorensen – Manager lsorensen@aacps.org