Our IB PYP Journey at South Shore:

    *April 2014:  Two day on-site visit & assessment for initial authorization

    *Authorization Report identified practices that were in place

    *Fall of 2014: South Shore earned IB accreditation status

    Authorization is a milestone in the life of an IB World School, not the finish line.

    *Fall 2014- Fall 2017: An action plan was created and implemented with objectives and monitoring systems to ensure that the school was working towards achieving re-accreditation

    *2017-2018 School Year: Staff completed a year long reflection through our Self-Study.

    We formally examined our teaching practices with the IB Standards and Practices.

    *October 8 & 9, 2018: Two day re-evaluation visit on-site at South Shore

    Why do we need to be reevaluated?

    • is both a requirement and a service provided by the IB to IB World Schools
    • is a reflective exercise that involves the entire school community
    • assesses whether a school meets the IB standards and practices and will remain an authorized IB World School
    • supports school efforts to continually improve the delivery of the programme(s)
    • results in a clear plan for next steps and future actions
    • can result in improved teaching and learning

    Programme evaluation is the primary means of ensuring that schools are meeting the IB programme standards and practices. This process can also serve as a catalyst for school improvement.


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