Principal’s Message

  • Welcome to Severn Elementary School!

    I am very excited and proud to be the Principal at Severn Elementary this school year. I am committed to learning and growing along with Severn’s most valuable players: our students, staff, parents, and community. I recognize that we have many things to be proud of, such as our diverse population, caring community, and dedicated staff.

    The Severn teachers and staff are looking forward to providing high quality learning experiences for your child throughout the year. We are ready to provide a learning environment that will allow students to take risks in their learning. The students at Severn Elementary will have the opportunity to create, explore, experiment, discover, work cooperatively, and solve real world problems during their instruction. There are so many fun and hands-on learning experiences waiting for the students at Severn Elementary! We are looking forward to the growth that the students will demonstrate during the school year.

    The partnership between the home and school is vital to the academic, social, and emotional growth of the students at Severn Elementary. In order to maximize student success, please emphasize the importance of education through the following:

    • Ensure that your child gets to school on time. Getting to school on time allows each student to be prepared to start the day of learning in a positive manner.
    • Encourage daily reading. In order to become independent readers, writers, and critical thinkers, it is important for our students to read and/or be read to as much as possible.
    • Get involved at school. Keep in close communication with your child’s teachers, attend school events, volunteer in the classroom, and join the PTA.
    • Reinforce positive learning behaviors. This will ensure that all students are ready for learning and prepared to take on the experiences that they will encounter at Severn Elementary.
    • Monitor your child’s homework daily. Engaging in homework with your child will reinforce the skills that he/she is learning at school.
      I look forward to building a partnership with you to make this a year of exciting learning opportunities for all of the students at Severn Elementary. Thank you for your support and commitment to the school. Please feel free to reach out to me at (410) 551-6220 or


    Heather Garris

    Proud Principal of Severn Elementary