• Mission

    The mission of Severn Elementary is to inspire and support all members of the learning community, including parents, staff, and students, by enhancing their self worth through the discovery and development of talents and strengths upon which they can build rewarding and productive lives.


    We envision Severn Elementary School as a diverse learning community, which strives to meet high educational standards by cooperatively creating a healthy, welcoming and comfortable learning environment. We foster trust, encourage communication and manage resources effectively to meet our common goals.

    Students are actively involved in and challenged by learning situations while mastering basic skills and enriched subject matter.

    Teachers work collaboratively using varied instructional strategies and current materials, participate in professional development and utilize technology to achieve success. Teaching Assistants work closely with teachers to support the educational program.

    The Principal supports professional development to ensure fine instruction and encourages staff participation in leadership roles and fosters open communication.

    Parents are actively involved and enrich the school environment through open communication and their presence in the school building (i.e. academic tutoring, mentoring, assisting teachers).

    Support Staff (Secretaries, Custodians, Monitors, Health/Nutritional Personnel) provides a foundation for the healthy, welcoming and comfortable learning environment in which we all work and grow.



    The Severn Elementary learning community values, respects and is strengthened by the viewpoints, experiences, and cultural contributions of our diverse community, hoping to pass these values from one generation to the next.

    • We model respect and compassion for others.
    • We hold high expectations for all.
    • We initiate and maintain open communication.
    • We draw strength from and support each other to foster a learning community whose members are empowered to share creative ideas.
    • We demonstrate a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility for becoming productive members of the learning community.