• Seven Oaks Uniform Policy



    Things listed below are in COMPLIANCE

    With the mandatory uniform policy for boys and girls. Adhering to this policy will help make your time at Seven Oaks Elementary School pleasant and enjoyable.


    Tops: Tops must be light blue, navy blue or white long or short-sleeved polo style Tops must be tucked in securely.

    Other Tops: Other tops may include a v-neck sweater style vest, front button cardigan, sweatshirt with a banded collar or a Seven Oaks Elementary School sweatshirt. Tops must be light blue, navy blue or white.

    Belts: A solid, plain black, dark brown, or navy blue leather or leather like belt must go through the loops and be buckled securely around the waist. Belt buckles should be plain.

    Shoes: Shoes must be safe and enclose the foot. Shoes may not expose students to safety hazards nor should they impede a student from moving quickly during an evacuation of the building. Athletic shoes are permitted.

    Pants: Navy blue or Khaki full-length standard issue pants are to be worn securely around the waist with a belt.

    Skirts/Shorts/Skorts: Navy blue or Khaki in color; must extend to the middle of the thigh when standing at attention. (Shorts may be worn between April 1 and Oct. 31)


    Things listed below are VIOLATIONS

    Tops: Tops may not have any designs, logos, characters, names, or numbers of any size. Sleeveless tops, crop tops, v-necks, halters, undershirts, and tee shirts are not allowed. Tops may not be un-tucked (White t-shirts may be worn under the school uniform top.)

    Other Tops: Tops may not have a hood, zipper, designs, logos, characters, names, or numbers of any size. Jackets and coats may not be worn in class and must be kept in the student lockers.

    Belts: Belts may not have anything dangling. They may not contain chain loops, symbols, larger designer insignia, characters, names, or numbers of any size.

    Shoes: Flip-flops or sandals may not be worn to school.

    Pants: Pants may not contain large designer insignia, characters, names, or numbers. No bandanas. Pants may not be rolled up or tucked into footwear.

    Skirts/Shorts/Skorts: Mini and/or tight skirts/shorts/skorts are not allowed.

    Jewelry and Accessories: Jewelry should not pose safety hazards or be a distraction. Necklaces should not be longer than 18 inches. Charms may not be replicas of weapons or contraband.