The Riviera Beach PTA continues in its efforts to enhance our children's elementary school experience through its programs and events. This year, we are asking for your input. Where would you like our fundraising dollars to go? You can e-mail RivieraBeachESPTA@gmail.com with your suggestion(s).  Also, check us out on Facebook- PTA at RBES.

    Parental involvement, as always, is the key to our success. Please join us. Volunteer opportunities are endless. The time you invest volunteering means a great deal to our teachers and staff, but more importantly, to our children.

    It is our goal to make 2018-2019 a wonderful school experience for every child at Riviera Beach.

    PTA Officers

    • President: Michelle Purdy - purdystoyshop@gmail.com
    • Vice President: Courtney Mills- courtneymills0510@yahoo.com
    • Treasurer: Lesa Heiatzman- zemms1970@verizon.net
    • Secretary: Angie Whittington
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Ms. Susan Lewis

    Background Information
    What is PTA?
    PTA is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and other concerned citizens who have a special interest in children, families, and schools.

    What does PTA do?
    PTA works for children. PTA meets together, studies problems, supports teachers, volunteers in schools, and becomes informed on issues regarding children and youth. As a result, PTA members become better parents, teachers, and citizens.

    Why should I get involved?
    Because of your children and because of your community. Studies have shown that membership in PTA provides your child and other children around you with a greater chance of achieving in school. As a PTA member, you are more likely to be an informed, involved parent. PTA is the place to learn ways to keep children safe, trouble-free and involved in school.

    How can I benefit?
    PTA provides opportunities to meet and to talk with other parents who have the same worries as you. By sharing common concerns, you will feel more empowered to do the tough job of parenting. Being part of PTA results in parental support and makes school involvement easier. You will no longer feel “all alone” in raising your child. Ultimately, PTA provides the opportunity to serve, to volunteer, and to contribute to the welfare of all children, because children represent our future. PTA will introduce you to a great variety of new activities and opportunities to share your special talents.

    How do I join?
    Contact your PTA president or the school office. Call us today (410-222-6469).

    Proposed Current Events
    Important PTA dates to remember:

    Help Wanted:

    Volunteers are needed to help at all the events listed above. If you can spare any time, even as little as an hour a month, please contact one of the PTA Executive Board members listed above. The PTA needs YOUR help to be successful in sponsoring events for the children during the school year. Please lend a hand! Thank You!



    Tyson Project A+: In your grocer's freezer section, look for Tyson Products that display the Project A+ logo. The label you save is easily identified by looking for the simple *1, 2, 3 program steps. *Each label is worth 24 cents cash!
    Grocery Receipts: Lauer's Learning Ladder - When you shop at Lauer's Grocery Store and checkout, please let them know that you support Riviera Beach Elementary School. A percentage of your total will be given to our school.

    Other Shopping Programs:

    Weis Shoppers - Go to http://www.weismarkets.com/double-box-tops/double-box-tops.html Complete the information and select "Submit". Go shopping - when you purchase 10 Box Tops products using your Weis Club Card, you will receive a certificate worth 10 Bonus Box Tops in the mail.

    Giant Shoppers - Starting in October, go to www.giantfood.com/aplus and select "Designate a School" and follow the instructions. You will need to enter your 12 digit Giant Food Card #. Even if you designated RBES in past years, you must renew it each year.

    Target Shoppers - If you have a Target Visa or Target Red Card, logon to www.target.com/tcoe. Select "Enroll in Take Charge of Education". At the School ID prompt, enter #57409 and select "Search". Click on "Select This School". Complete the requested information and select "Complete Enrollment". RBES will receive $ from your purchases.
    Food Lion Shoppers

    Food Lion - https://www.foodlion.com/IntheCommunity/ShopandShare/secure/RegisterMVPCards.asp
    Choose "Select Organization". Complete the information then select "OK". Select "Add MVP Cards". Enter the required information then Select "Next". Select the "Finished" button. RBES will receive $ from your purchases.

    Box Tops for Education: These are found on General Mills and other related products.

    Campbell's Labels: Send in your labels and UPC symbols from Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm, Swanson, Pace, and Franco-American products. They will be used to help purchase software and classroom supplies.
    Simply collect codes from participating Coca Cola products (package inserts or bottle caps) and send them in to school. Donate you’re MyCokeRewards points to Riviera Beach Elementary, and help our school get items we need to facilitate a well-rounded education for our children. We can choose from creative supplies, athletic equipment, textbooks, and many other rewards that allow children to learn and excel.
    TerraCycle Juice Pouch Recycling
    Beginning immediately, we will be collecting juice pouches to raise money for our school by recycling them. For each of these specific juice pouches - Capril Sun, Kool Aid, and Honest Kids - we will receive 2 cents per pouch. For all other juice pouches, we will receive 1 cent.

    Please collect your juice pouches and have your child drop them in the specially marked container located in the cafeteria. Just follow these few simple steps:

    1. Juice pouches must be empty.
    2. Straws must be removed from the pouch.
    3. Drop them in the specially marked container located in the cafeteria.

    If you have any questions concerning this recycling effort, please visit www.TerraCycle.net/brigades or contact a PTA officer.