School Story

    Riviera Beach is a small community in Pasadena that stretches from the east bank of Stoney Creek to the west bank of Rock Creek.  This peninsula is bordered on the north by the Patapsco River.  Riviera Beach Elementary is a small suburban school serving students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade five.  We have approximately 325 students enrolled.  As a true community school, the majority of students are walkers or car riders.  We have one school bus serving some of our early childhood population.  This unique dynamic allows teachers and staff to interact with family members on a daily basis. 

    Established in 1943, Riviera Beach Elementary has served our community for over 75 years as a safe learning resource for our children and their families.  The school has enjoyed teaching multiple generations of families.  The community has witnessed many changes in resources and demographics throughout its history.  The demographics continue to evolve with the changing community.  Our school families are growing increasingly more diverse.  Our student population has experienced an increase in English language learners and students that are eligible for free and reduced meals.  In addition, our student population is becoming more transient.

    Riviera Beach Elementary is a safe and inspiring learning environment.  We celebrate excellence in the whole child and ensure that all students are confident and future ready while placing an emphasis on integrating the arts into daily classroom instruction.  In addition to becoming a 5-Star School on the Maryland State Report Card and an Anne Arundel County Wellness School of Distinction, we have implemented a number of initiatives, working in collaboration with the community, to increase daily attendance and make it a primary focus.  Moving forward, we would like to be known as the community center and recognized as a resource for our families where innovations in technology, safety, and learning opportunities are fostered and celebrated.  

    Our school colors are navy and yellow and our school mascot is a lighthouse.