Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends,

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Ridgeway Elementary School. Each year brings with it high hopes and the promise associated with a fresh start. Thankfully, these hopes are able to rest on the solid foundation of the Ridgeway community. This is a community of caring, dedicated individuals committed to providing the best possible environment for our children to grow and learn making new opportunities possible.

    We are all in the same boat! All of us want the best for our children and desire an atmosphere where safety, learning, and growth are a priority. In order to accomplish this atmosphere, the PTA serves as an active partner with the staff, parents, and students to enrich our school. The PTA welcomes all families who would like to be involved in the process and no matter where, when, or how you are able to participate, your contributions are greatly appreciated. Joining the PTA gives you a voice in the process and allows your ideas an avenue for presentation.

    The Ridgeway PTA is not simply a fundraising machine. At Ridgeway, our PTA is centered on information and involvement. At a typical meeting, you’ll be informed of current and upcoming events, both academically and socially. You’ll have input into those plans and the opportunity to become involved if desired. The meetings also provide a platform for viewpoints, perspective, answers, and your voice to be heard. We also invite you to join our Ridgeway PTA Facebook page to connect with PTA related information and/or email us at or with any questions.

    Of the many events/programs the PTA plans, only a fraction is categorized as fundraisers. While all the events/programs share the goal of building relationships through fun and education, the few fundraising events/programs provide the means to continue all the valuable experiences for our children. It’s true these events/programs take a lot of work and dedication, but the rewards are many: for the children and the parents. By joining the team, you not only create a teamwork environment, but you become a living example of how many hands and minds make the task lighter. We hope you will explore joining the PTA and we welcome the talents and contributions you will bring to our Ridgeway community.



    Ridgeway PTA 

    Ridgeway PTA Officers:

    Brittany Lawyer, President

    Genie Porter, Vice President/Secretary 

    Greg Bujak, Treasurer